Nunky was created to help people get the most out of their journal writing and transform their lives. Inspired by Gila Rakusin-Frankl, Nunky’s aim is to provide guidance and inspiration to all journal writers.

Nunky is a ‘nick-name’ Gila shares with Lisa – her life-long soul sister. It means “cherished friend”. The name represents connectedness, a safe place, and everything in life that is true and treasured. It symbolises continuous change, growth and transformation, it typifies honesty and non-judgment and espouses respect and inspiration!

Inspired by her own journal writing over past 20 years, and through dialoguing with very dear friends, Gila wrote “A guided journal” with the intention of being of service to other journal writers. Gila’s background is in commerce and organisational psychology. She has over 10 years experience in the areas of learning and development, change management and marketing.

For more information on Nunky contact Gila at
Write to her at: PO Box 1993, Bondi Junction, NSW, 1355, Sydney Australia.

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“Journal writing is the most incredible arm chair journey!"
Sandra, Australia

“This guided journal provided me with insight and made my journaling easier!”

For every 30 guided journals sold, one journal will be given away to someone who is passionate about journal writing and wants this book but can’t afford it.

New Book Available:

How To Explain Death
To a Child
- A Guide for Adults